[Maipc] Using marker wands for garlic mustard control work

John Ambler john.ambler at verizon.net
Fri Apr 20 21:03:10 PDT 2012

Today I started checking a large flood plain for garlic mustard.  I have been removing it there since 2001 and now I just find scattered plants, possibly due to tiny missed plants dropping a few seeds or due to floods bringing in seed.

To efficiently scout for garlic mustard in this large wooded area I decided to use marking flags to mark swaths for checking.  I am using 2x3 inch marking flags on 21 inch wire staffs from Lowes tool section.  They are available white or orange flags.  While looking for garlic mustard I just ran a row of flags across the flood plain and another row about 15 feet away.  I searched the swath in both directions, then removed one of the rows and then ran a new row of flags.  Etc.  This is very fast and I don't miss any area and I don't waste time checking the same area more than needed.

John Ambler
Lancaster, PA
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