[MAIPC] Philly Street Trees

Nathan Hartshorne nshartshorne at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 14:05:05 PST 2017

Hi all,

My roommate was applying for an internship with them and came across the
list of approved Philly street trees.  Recently Philly has made a push for
more planting similar to NYC's.  Well, she knows a lot about invasives due
to her proximity to me talking about them.  We were very disappointed to
find a number of non-natives (regionally non-native as well).  Other than
crabapples (which I can't tell what species they are since they are all
cultivars), I didn't immediately recognize any as commonly naturalizing,
but as we all know that doesn't mean much for the future, and doesn't do as
much for the environment anyways.

So I was wondering what we could do as an organization (aside from me
writing a letter to them since I live here).  An impact here could make a
huge difference given the geographical size of the city.  Perhaps any
contacts with NYC million trees program could be useful.  Here is the list:

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