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Dear Kathy,

The plant DNA is unchanged. Once the neo-nics are worked out of the plant¹s
system (when? Next year?) they will be normal, native milkweed. It does not
make the plant any more invasive than it would normally be (common milkweed
can certainly be very aggressive ‹ I didn¹t catch if they said which species
of milkweed was being sold.)

Yes, this practice is very bad & self-defeating as far as monarchs &
pollinators are concerned, but it doesn¹t change the plant itself.


On 6/18/17 12:13 PM, "Kathryn Peterson-Lambert" <triplam747 at aol.com> wrote:

> Milkweed - neonic- Nicotine based plants. I am concerned that this plant
> because although a native - it becomes invasive when it is treated in this
> manner? This plant is no longer a native because it is carrying a different
> DNA package - am I correct in assessing it that way? We define native plants
> by their DNA package and their chemical composition don¹t we? Or at least I do
> when I am studying the historical and medicinal uses of plants.  The chemical
> changes the composition of the plant and it becomes a different plant because
> of its new chemical composition? Any thoughts on this one? Thank you, Kathryn
> Peterson Lambert
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>> Subject: harmful milkweed from Home Depot
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>> Beware the killer milkweed sold in stores.  Why must we always mess with
>> mother nature?  it is all about the money, like the man said.  Pollinators
>> goodbye. 
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>> Subject: Fwd: harmful milkweed from Home Depot
>> Alert to plant and Bee people, please see below.
>> Randie
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>> Subject: harmful milkweed from Home Depot
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>> The email below was distributed to the members of the Virginia Native Plant
>> Society local John Clayton Chapter.  I would imagine the same situation may
>> occur at any Home Depot across the country.
>> There¹s more to the neonic problem than the monarch caterpillars it may kill.
>> Bees that take nectar from plants treated with neonics come to prefer the
>> tainted flowers and seek out other neonic-treated flowers.  It¹s sort of like
>> an addiction in that they keep going back for the poison, and then of course
>> they take the nectar and pollen to the hive, affecting the rest of the hive¹s
>> population.  These neonics are really, really bad stuff.  Please spread the
>> word on Home Depot (and surely other places) to other pollinator gardeners.
>> Susie
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>> Subject: Fwd: harmful milkweed plants being sold
>>>>> Dear  JCC members,
>> Lucile Kossodo received this email written by a concerned gardener in
>> Louisiana and asked me to pass it on--
>> Louise
>>>> I purchased  a Milkweed plant from Home Depot near my home and it wasn't
>>>> until I got home  that I noticed the little information stick hidden behind
>>>> the identification  information that the plant had been treated with
>>>> systemic Neonicotinoids.  The container boasted how  desirable the plant is
>>>> for birds and butterflies.  Yesterday I went to  a different Home Depot and
>>>> they had just put out an entire rolling cart of  these plants, maybe about
>>>> 100, all poisoned.  I contacted the store  manager and told him that it is
>>>> the same as giving poison candy to kids on  Halloween. This is THE host
>>>> plant for the Monarch.  My club, Shady Oaks  and our junior club, Little
>>>> Shadows have worked so hard to establish a  Monarch Waystation and to
>>>> educate people on the decline of the  Monarch.  I hate to think of the
>>>> millions of poison Milkweed being  distributed nationwide by Home Depot.
>>>> The container says distributed  by Home Depot, 2455 Paces Ferry Rd N. W.,
>>>> Atlanta , Georgia.
>>>> I  contacted the LSU Ag Agent for New Orleans, Dr Joe Willis.  He said the
>>>> Neonicotinoids will dilute as the plants grow but that only a very small
>>>> amount will kill the larva of the Monarch.  He is contacting the Master
>>>> Gardeners of the area.  I contacted the newsletters of the Jefferson
>>>> Parish Council of Garden Clubs and the Federated Council of New Orleans
>>>> Garden Clubs to ask that they send a notice to our local members.  I
>>>> contacted a local GOA club and the president said she would inform her
>>>> members. I contacted our LGCF President and our Environmental School
>>>> Chairman with the information.
>>>> We need a notice to Home Depot from a  national source.  I contacted the
>>>> Monarch Watch organization ,www.MonarchWatch.org/ws
>>>> <http://www.monarchwatch.org/ws>  <http://www.MonarchWatch.org/ws>  at the
>>>> University of Kansas (1200 Sunnyside Avenue, Lawrence, KS 66045) .  The
>>>> Little Shadows Junior Garden Club registered our Monarch Waystation with
>>>> them.  
>>>> <http://www.monarchwatch.org/ws> Monarch Watch :  Monarch Waystation
>>>> Program
>>>> www.monarchwatch.org <http://www.monarchwatch.org/>
>>>> <http://www.monarchwatch.org <http://www.monarchwatch.org/>
>>>> <http://www.monarchwatch.org >  >
>>>> Monarch Watch is a  cooperative network of students, teachers, volunteers
>>>> and researchers  dedicated to the study of the Monarch butterfly, Danaus
>>>> plexippus and its  ...
>>>> Sandy we need a response from NGC to this issue. It needs to be  sent soon
>>>> as these plants are being sold now to well meaning people who are  wanting
>>>> to help the Monarch not kill them.  I know you are very busy  but I hate to
>>>> think of the billions of plants being sold nationwide and how  that will
>>>> cancel the efforts of so many to stop the demise of the Monarch.  Could you
>>>> please help?
>>>> Mary Ellen Miller
>>>> Shady Oaks Garden  Club , LGCF District II
>>>> Moderator Little Shadows Junior Garden  Club
>>>> Immediate Past President Federated Council of New Orleans Garden  Clubs
>>>> Inc.
>>>> memiller306 at yahoo.com <mailto:memiller306 at yahoo.com>
>>>> (504)723-7796 <tel:(504)%20723-7796>  <tel:%28504%29%20723-7796>

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