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To Margo Sterling via MAIPC,

I agree with the previous reply that the plant in the photos appears to be the non-native Persicaria longiseta.  It is indeed invasive and very common in the Mid-Atlantic region.  See the numerous observations from your region here: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=52250&q=Low%20smartweed.  You can compare your plant to the images for confirmation.  And I hope you will post your images in the iNaturalist website to assist others.

Persicaria (Smartweeds) are characterized by simple, alternate leaves with a distinctive sheath (ocrea) at the base of the petiole.  Persicaria longiseta has the longest bristles on the ocrea (0.5-1 cm long) and by using this character the plant should not be confused for any of the native species (like Persicaria pensylvanica).  This is one of the few non-native species to invade woodlands and is therefore more troublesome.  Fortunately, as you say, it is easy to pull up.

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the exotic small Polygonum (Persicaria) that we see most frequently in NC, LA, KY, TN, etc. is P. cespitosum/a var. longisetum/a (= P. longisetum/a)... and it does have long setae (long hairs from the sheath or ochrae).

I cannot discern that feature in these images; but that is the first one I would test this against.


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We are working to figure out which invasive polygonum is in the photo below.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance,

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Hello, Claudia.

My neighbor allerted me this latest invasion of our woods. This is a small green plant that has spread rapidly, and is shallow rooted. I have tried to use my 'plant identifier' app, but got totally confused. They eventually bear a small purplish flower on a spikey stem.

Would appreciated an identification, and some advice as to how to get rid of it. I am perfectly willing to pull them all up, but would appreciate a go ahead from you.
Thanks for your help.
Margo Sterling

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