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The Canadian ban on all salamander imports was announced a few weeks ago to prevent Bsal. 


It is helpful to see this notice of today, as CITES is a good venue for disseminating news of trade measures to prevent invasive species including pathogens. Perhaps this will provide a model for other parties to follow?  Please forward if you see more.




Geneva, 15 June 2017 


CONCERNING: CANADA Stricter domestic measures regarding import of Caudata spp. 


1. This Notification is being published at the request of Canada. 

2. Canada wishes to inform the CITES parties that, since May 12, 2017, import into Canada of any specimen of species under Caudata spp is prohibited unless accompanied by a Canadian wildlife import permit. 

3. This prohibition has been implemented to prevent the introduction of the fungal pathogen Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans (Bsal) into Canada’s ecosystems and to protect native species of salamanders from infection. Bsal causes chytrid disease in salamanders which infects the skin layers of susceptible salamander species and can lead to the death of the animal. This is a serious threat to Canadian salamander populations and ecosystems. 

4. In addition to the wildlife import permit, imports into Canada of species of salamanders protected under CITES must also be accompanied by the required CITES permit(s). 

5. For further information on this import restriction including how to obtain a Canadian wildlife import permit, consult our website - http://ec.gc.ca/cites/default.asp?lang=En <http://ec.gc.ca/cites/default.asp?lang=En&n=0FC40F59-1> &n=0FC40F59-1 or contact the CITES Management Authority of Canada at ec.cites.ec at canada.ca <mailto:ec.cites.ec at canada.ca> . 





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