[MAIPC] Faith posts blog contrasting Pres. budget with APHIS funding needs

Phytodoer at aol.com Phytodoer at aol.com
Fri Jun 9 11:07:25 PDT 2017

Hello, forest pest mavens!
I had a medical issue for a couple of crucial weeks, so I only now have  
reviewed the President's budget request for APHIS' tree pest programs.   APHIS 
proposes to cut funding for the ALB eradication program & EAB  containment 
program by 50%!!!!!!!  There is no funding to address other  pests (except 
the gypsy moth). 
See my blog at _www.cisp.us_ (http://www.cisp.us)  or _www.nivemnic.us_ 
(http://www.nivemnic.us)  for more information.
Please lobby your Representative and Senators in support for maintaining  cu
rrent funding levels for the "tree & wood pest" program.
I provide a list of members of the House & Senate Agriculture  
Appropriations subcommittee in my blog from mid-May.
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